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Arizona Instrument




Gold Film Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

The newest instrument from Arizona Instrument LLC is the Jerome® J605 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer. The Jerome® J605 can read as low as 3ppb with an incredible resolution to 20ppt.

The J605 is housed in a light and ergonomically designed case, setting a new precedence for low-level, portable monitors. The industry-proven, gold film sensor has been upgraded and improved from previous models, resulting in longer life expectancies


  • No PC Software Required
    • 20,000 Data Points | On-Board Data Logging
    • Stores Date, Time and Locations
    • USB Interface for Data Transfer
    • Battery Powered Sensor Regeneration | 24 Hour Battery Life
    • Detection H2S Levels as Low as 3 ppb
    • SCADA Interface Capabilities via 4-20ma
    • Functional Test Module (FTM) Verifies Instrument Functions Correctly Between Recommended Annual Factory Calibrations


Agricultural, Ambient Air Analysis, Control Room Corrosion, Leak Detection, Quality Control, Regulatory Compliance and Permitting, Monitoring (Fence-line, Landfill, Odor, Manhole), Regulatory Compliance, Scrubber Efficiency Testing, Source Detection


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