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The RODOS/L is a universal dry dispersing unit applicable for nearly all kinds of dry powders with particle sizes in the range from < 0.1µm to about 4000µm. The patented combination of feeding and dispersing enables a smooth, complete, product adaptable dispersion, which is widely extended into the SUBMICRON range.

Using compressed air to disperse even the finest powder this module generates a dry aerosol which is blown through the light beam and collected in a suction after the analysis. Particle-particle-collision, particle-wall-collision and velocity gradients are applied within the RODOS injector for complete dispersing of the sample. The dispersion energy can be adapted to the demands of the product.

RODOS/L as the fully automated version of RODOS is completely controlled by software. The correct product dependent dispersion force is automatically chosen by the software's database. This makes RODOS/L ideal for validated applications e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry. The sample feeding for RODOS/L can be done by VIBRI/L or the micro-dosing device ASPIROS/L.

If not only dry powder analysis is your daily lab business but also suspensions and emulsions are analysed, RODOS/L can be extended by SUCELL/L into the multifunctional dry and wet dispersion module OASIS.

For the optimum adaptation to the particle size the RODOS/L dispersing line is available with inner diameters of

4 mm

product depending xmax < 1500 µm,

6 mm

product depending xmax < 3000 µm,

10 mm

product depending xmax < 4000 µm,

RODOS/L can be used with all members of the QICPIC or HELOS family. For the operation an extraction unit is required for the sample collection and the generation of a laminar air flow in the measuring zone.

Dosing options

Prerequisite of a good dispersion is a smooth and homogeneous dosing. Two different dosing options are available: The vibratory feeder VIBRI serves most of the applications. For applications requiring micro-dosing please refer to the ASPIROS.



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